Sign Language of the Soul, A Handbook for Healing, 2nd ed.

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Everyone wants to be in better balance, be pain free, experience improved health and a greater sense of well-being. Now there is a way for you to learn how to achieve this.Sign Language of the Soul Cover

Sign Language of the Soul presents an original, highly effective, self-help procedure that can help you accomplish these things and more.

The procedure is easy to learn and easy to use. You can use it to for yourself or to helpothers.

In this book, Dr. Schusterman shows you how to read the universal blueprint within the body -- and ultimately to foster healing at the deepest levels.

At the cutting edge of science and spirituality, this new model of healing builds on a powerful integration of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the chakras, and other fundamental patterns of life.

Three decades as a chiropractic physician have taught Dr. Schusterman how to anchor esoteric teachings from many of the most respected wisdom traditions into a practical solution for many health conditions. His book teaches a vocabulary of resonating hand signs and words that attune your nervous system to your innermost consciousness.

The nearly 200 beautiful illustrations guide you through this unique process. More than just a book, this is a resource that can change your life as it allows you to care for yourself and your family.

The book, Sign Language of the Soul, is now available as a free PDF download. The Sign Language of the Soul procedures have been taught in many workshops in the USA, Cananda, and Europe, and have been successfully employed by many people over the past 8 years. Now, you can read the book yourself, and learn the techniques with the aid of the YouTube video and the updated protocol. The healing procedures have been updated and simplified since the 2003 hardcover version of the book. There is also a new beginning mudra, not shown on the YouTube video, so you will need to consult the updated protocol here.

Sign Language of the Soul Video

This video demonstrates the basic Tree of Life activation taught in the Sign Language of the Soul, 2nd edition. It is a summary of the main mudras to help familiarize you with the work, and as a review of the procedures. Please consult the updated protocol page to learn an additional beginning mudra not shown on the video.

One slight correction. The word mudra comes from the Sanskrit root meaning to 'rejoice.' Mudras serve to seal or focus energy. To watch this video on click here.