Sign Language of the Soul
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Section I, "Physical Methods”

This first section sets the stage for understanding the healing process. This section describes the basic philosophy of the work and what you can expect to accomplish with it. You will see how the Tree of Life patterns manifest in the physical body, and you will learn a simple muscle test that will enable you to evaluate these patterns.

Section II, "Tools"

The methods used to tune the body to the Tree of Life are developed in these chapters. You will start to learn a Sign Language of the Soul, including the hand signs (mudras) based on the Hebrew letter Shin. These tools open the Kabbalistic patterns in the body. You will also learn how to use muscle testing to demonstrate that this is not just theory; it really works.

Section III, "Anatomy of the Tree of Life"

Here you will learn the various pathways of the Tree: the 10 Sefiroth, the 22 letter pathways, and the four worlds. We will work with multiple levels of the worlds and you will need to know which ones are active in the body.

Section IV, "Activating the Tree of Life"

This section describes how to awaken the spiritual blueprint within the body. The four dimensions of existence have analogs in the body and there are four doorways to access them. Here you will learn how to acknowledge the deeper aspects of the Tree.

Section V, "Balance"

This section has been greatly simplified from the first edition of the book. The new protocol enables a quick resolution to whatever arises in the body-mind as a result of the mudras. Looking at the Tree of Life mudra card, or finding and activating the active Sefirah is enough to complete the healing circuit.

"Final Thoughts”

Final thoughts look ahead to the next steps in the evolution of this work.


Here you will find a synopsis of all the hand signs, words, and balancing procedures.

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