Introduction to Energy Healing
by Dr. Dale Schusterman

We live in a sea of energy. Radios, televisions, cellular phones, and wireless computer networks operate on unseen energy waves. Our bodies also operate within a human energy field that some call the aura.  Electric fields give off magnetic frequencies allowing scientists to document these fields with their instruments (EEG, EKG). New detectors can sense the biomagnetic fields of the heart from more than 50 feet away!


The preeminent field of energy healing today is Chinese medicine or acupuncture. Dating back thousands of years, this ancient science has found a great audience in the West for one major reason— it works!

Energy Techniques

In an era when science is excelling in taking apart the cell, even to the genetic level, many are drawn to expand away from the smallest parts to embrace a holistic approach to healing. People are discovering that they are capable of moving the energy within and around their bodies through breathing techniques, yoga exercises, Qi Gong, and so on. They do this because they feel better, think better, and it improves their health.

Laying on of hands has been practiced for millennia, however, in recent years it was considered only a part of the religious domain. People know the value of being touched by others in a loving and caring way. Scientific research has validated the positive effect this has in the healing process. We know instantly when someone touches us if we like their ‘energy’ or not.

Energy Healing for Stress Reduction

If energy healing does nothing more than reduce stress, then it has a dramatic biochemical effect on the body. Balancing the hormones of stress will cause an improvement in digestion, assimilation, elimination, circulation, and mental function. There is great evidence that energy healing accomplishes much more than this.

Many holistic therapists now incorporate forms of acupuncture, polarity therapy, chakra balancing, and other forms of non traditional healing. A search of any health oriented magazine today will show a wide variety of ‘energy therapists’ to choose from.

How to Choose an Energy Healing Practitioner

The most important factor to consider is the person(s) with whom you will be working. Although the technique a healer uses is important, of even greater significance is the person giving the treatment. In energy healing, the method will only take you so far. After that you are reliant upon your practitioner’s perception and insight, and the subtle energy that the he or she can transmit. The holistic healer must take care of his or her own health and be able to transmit a clear, focused healing energy to the client. This cannot be taught, but it can be cultivated. It is something we should all strive for.

Do it Yourself

While it may take years to learn acupuncture, there are many first aid protocols one can learn from books and short classes. Many of the energy healing procedures are available for the general public to learn through weekend courses and seminars. These are not meant to substitute for traditional medical procedures, but they can greatly assist in a person’s wellness, stress reduction, and self-empowerment.

Sign Language of the Soul

The Sign Language of the Soul procedures are a new form of energy or vibrational healing. They work on the concept of resonance. The map of the energy body (soul) is the same map that operates within the body, although in a different dimension. When you stimulate one map, there is resonance to the same area in the other. In this way one can attune the physical nervous system to the soul and thereby achieve great balance and healing.

Anyone Can Do Their Own Energy Healing

While the book is geared towards holistic healers, anyone can learn the quick and easy centering process. It takes less than a minute to perform. Instead of taking the time to learn the four balancing procedures, you can look at the healing symbols which accomplish the same thing. Therefore, the learning time to become proficient at these procedures is quite minimal and the benefits for applying them have great potential.

The following pages have excerpts from the book and give some detail about the various parts of this work.  Some of the topics may be new to you, so just read it for an overview. You do not need to know all the inner workings of a television in order to enjoy a show. Likewise, you do not need to understand all the circuitry of the human nervous system-soul connection in order to apply the balancing procedures.