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The following review comes from Midwest Book Reviews:::

     ‘Sign Language Of The Soul: A Handbook For Healing by chiropractor and applied kinesiologist expert Dale H. Schusterman combines unique hand positions (mudras) with the symbols and words of Jewish mysticism drawn from that body of esoteric wisdom commonly known as the Kabbalah. Schusterman reveals just how to use the finders and hands in key positions which will connect with the body's own inherent energy. These finger and hand movements working with focused intent will result in an expansion of the body's inner awareness and enable both healing and balance. Enhanced with case studies drawn from patients of diverse physical and emotional conditions, Schusterman shows how using these techniques brought about healing, joy, and well being. Sign Language Of The Soul is especially recommended for providing readers with a six step plan for activating the "Tree of Life" process of personal healing and balance. A welcome addition to Alternative Medicine, Judaic Studies, Metaphysical Studies, and Kabbalah Studies reference collections and reading lists, Sign Language Of The Soul is commended as being a truly seminal and expertly presented work.

This review was published in the ‘Voices of the New Earth’      ‘In these days of mounting medical costs and with all the dangerous side effects of commonly used drugs, it is exciting and refreshing to know about a new non-invasive system of healing. Dr. Dale Schusterman reveals procedures that evolved over the last 20 years of his chiropractic practice. It is based on the Kabbalah, the mystical branch of Judaism.
     It focuses on mudras (hand gestures), which are reminiscent of ancient Hindu and Buddhist practices, hence the use of "Sign Language" in the title. This book explores many of the special hand "signs" that you see depicted in the hands of angels, spiritual teachers, and Masters in paintings and sculpture. Esoteric Judaism teaches about the Tree of Life, a symbol of the 32 pathways of consciousness. Schusterman adeptly shows that there is a one-to-one relationship between the map of the Tree of Life and the human body. Furthermore, he explains how to tune the body to this energetic source. Although the methods are based on esoteric principles, they have been thoroughly tested in clinical settings to demonstrate their ability to balance the spine, skull, meridians, and emotional system. You feel free and light in your body after one of these balancing sessions, which you can perform yourself.’
-- Lawrence M. Steinhart, author of Beauty Through Health from the Edgar Cayce Readings

“In this book Dr. Schusterman has given us an insight into ways in which we can view the human body and communicate with it. The book is worthy of deep and thoughtful study.” Gladys Taylor McGarey, M.D., M.D. (H

‘Many years ago I came across a mind expanding text on the esoteric science of mudra--the use of specific hand and finger positions and gestures to connect with the body’s own energy flow--from the Buddhist perspective. To see it displayed in Buddhist, Hindu, and even Christian traditions was fascinating. Now I am intrigued to find a healing-oriented approach that combines these Eastern gestures with mudras, symbols, and words from the Jewish mystical tradition--especially the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah.
     In Sign Language of the Soul, chiropractor and kinesiologist, Dr. Dale Schusterman reveals key aspects of this wisdom tradition and gives exercises, words and symbols for accessing and activating the pathways of the Tree of Life, the cosmic blueprint.
     The mudras have meaning for the nervous system and the consciousness, and the fingers and their parts are associated with particular organs, glands/chakras and systems of the body as well as cosmic principles and the elements of nature. Each hand/finger position (illustrated throughout the book and in the appendices) causes a specific stimulation in the nervous system and in the biochemistry as well as a change or movement in the energy systems that envelop the body. Because body, mind, and soul are in fact one, the mudras can also awaken and stimulate different areas of consciousness.
     This book will take some study for those unfamiliar with the Kabbalah, but the time taken will be well worthwhile for the benefits this system of knowledge and self-healing can provide. Many of the balancing and healing exercises take only minutes to perform yet have profound long lasting results as Dr. Schusterman’s patients attest in the case studies presented throughout the book.’ Review published in The Nexus New Times magazine September-October 2004

“Dr. Dale Schusterman has investigated and elucidated many of the most subtle and effective systems and modalities for promoting healing and well-being. He offers a particularly important contribution by making the esoteric accessible and guiding us to apply this timeless wisdom in helping ourselves and others.” Larry Dossey, MD author of  Healing Beyond Words, Reinventing Medicine, and Healing Words

There is a biblical quotation, “We re strange and wondrously made.” Dr. Schusterman makes newly rediscovered ancient concepts available to share. Read it with understanding that grows as you do.”
George Goodheart, DC, DIBAK, Founder and Developer of Applied Kinesiology

“Dale Schusterman has written a fascinating and helpful method for learning how you can help yourself as a soul, a whole person. The understanding he gives to the mystical traditions of healing are valuable insights which combine modern science and these methods. Reading and using these insights will allow the scientific minded as well as those on a Spiritual quest to gain greater understanding, health and wholeness. Sign Language of the Soul can help kinesiologists, biomedical practitioners and bodywork therapists be more effective personally and with their clients and patients.”
John F. Thie, DC author of Touch for Health, Founding Chairman International College of Applied Kinesiology, Director Prayer and Healing Ministries Malibu United Methodist Church

“What if there was a map of the spiritual circuitry that links each of us to a greater sense of the whole?  What if that map contained practical secrets for enhancing the flow of life energy and healing? In Sign Language of the Soul, Dr. Schusterman makes that map accessible with graceful prose and brilliant illustrations. Buy it, read it-and return to it again and again-to enrich the quality of your life and your work as a healer."
Michael J. Gelb author of How to Think Like Leonardo daVinci and Body Learning: an Introduction to the Alexander Technique

“At last, a sure method to experience inner balance before interacting with others.  This book covers amazing correlations between the creation patterns that civilizations have pondered for generations. A book to stretch your thinking -- use simply or delve into your deepest inner being.”
 Marilyn Adams, L.Ac.

“Dale Schusterman's ingenious healing techniques have been a vital part of my personal wellness program for decades. In Sign Language of the Soul, he's able to share his brilliance in a remarkably simple, effective, do-it-yourself therapy plan that can restore your physical well-being while heightening your body-soul connection. This is holistic "first-aid" at its finest!
Terah Kathryn Collins author of The Western Guide to Feng Shui

“I have long been impressed with Dr. Schusterman’s creativity and his ability to penetrate both physiological and spiritual complexities. Now, he has culled truths from each and integrated them into a simplified, workable system that can help us to better understand our patients and ourselves.”
Walter H. Schmitt, DC, DIBAK, DABCN

“I have known Dr. Schusterman for over 15 years as a care provider, and he has been spectacularly successful. I have always wondered what he is doing that is so helpful and effective. Well, now I know … his book offers insights, underlying philosophies, as well as practical techniques, all of which I as a patient can employ with myself and my wife. Thank you, Dr. Schusterman, for helping me help my wife get through chemotherapy more comfortably than with any of the currently available drugs!”
Don Reisler

"Today, as science begins to show us the reality of the energy fields of life, this book gives us clear insights into the true and basic nature of our existence as beings of light. With profound yet simple insights, Dr. Schusterman lays forth an understanding of the macrocosm and microcosm within each one of us. Anyone who wishes to look beyond the superficial constructs of the material world and into the underlying forces/energies of creation should read this marvelous book."
Mark Smith, DC, DABCN

“This is truly extraordinary work - the deepest technique I have ever learned. It actually addresses the core levels of one's issues; be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Dr. Schusterman's balancing system is groundbreaking and is the new wave of vibrational medicine!
Janet Quate, LPT

“I believe Dr. Schusterman’s healing techniques constitute the blueprint for the maintenance of the health and balance of the body by natural medicine. Dr. Schusterman’s healing methods bring immediate and amazing results, giving one an optimal quality of health and youthfulness.”
Sandra E. Cope, Designer and manufacturer of Aloe Spectrum Natural Skin Care

“I found Sign Language of the Soul to be a fascinating look at the interplay between some of the more esoteric healing modalities in the context of current alternative care. This book is an excellent representation of the concepts that have come out of Dr. Schusterman's research and the methods that can be used to apply them.”
Tom Rogowskey, DC, DIBAK

“This is a very useful workbook with tremendously effective techniques. I am really enjoying using the Sign Language of the Soul with my clients, focusing first on their emotional or physical issue and then activating the tree of life ...beautiful shifts happen."
Julie Lutter, L. Ac.

“I have taken your book to read while my kids are in TaeKwonDo and just opening the book at the various hand mudra's seems to have an effect on the people there. Just fascinating...if I mentally hold the mudra..my focus is only to work on myself, the people in the room come into resonance.. Especially the Shekinah mudra. Thanksfor your wonderful work and book.”